17 April 2006

Things not to do on tax day ...

A list of mistakes I made, in chronological order

1) Loan stamps to roommate on Thursday so she could turn down six graduate programs and request deferment from another.
2) Apparently not get stamps back
3) Decide to mail mom's B-day present
4) Decide to mail taxes
5) Actually go to the Post Office (possibly the biggest mistake)
6) Wear heels to the Post Office
7) Get stuck in the same line as some blond guy who looked like an ex model, and took as long you would think he would, if you were a bad person who judged people's intelligence based on looks
8) Realize that the scale on the Automated Postal Center (APC) is off, adding an entire POUND to my ten ounce letter and 15.5 ounce package.

I love this country.


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