16 March 2006

Words Words Words

I often end up with more books on hand than I've actually got time for. Right now I've got the second two books of the EarthSea series (checked out of the library), three books I've borrowed from my boyfriend (but am not reading), a book I borrowed from my boss, three classic sci-fi books I picked up last summer (and still haven't read), two Neil Gaiman books that I've bought as prizes for myself for completing un-fun tasks (like re-writing a screenplay and finishing my ironing), and Appiah's Cosmopolitanism which my roommate seems to have borrowed.

Right now I'm reading the third book in the Thursday Next series, The Well of Lost Plots. I loved the first one (what I would give to go that world's version of Richard III!!), but didn't particularly like the second one. But my boyfriend's reading the series and the fourth one sounds great (although the boy has given away a few plot points, much to my disappointment).

The problem with this is that, aside from the books I've got waiting around to be read, is all the books that have just been published that I need to read. Dennet's Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon. The graphic novelization of Darren Aronofsky's The Fountain .

There's just so much to read. How do people ever get around to writing? Oh well, time to hit the books.


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