09 March 2006

Blogging for fun and profit

It seems a tad obvious to say that this is my first post, but I've yet to come up with another way of saying it. Anyway, now seems to be as good a time as any to outline the reasons for and goals of my little acre of blogosphere heaven.

I graduated two years ago from a writing program and basically haven't written anything since. I'm averse to posting my actual crappy writing anywhere near real human beings. But part of this is my increasingly wacked out anxiety disorder (thank you for your advice/references for psychologists, but I can't afford it.) which I need to overcome. Thus the blog. Thus the very, very public blog and no plans to tell anyone I know about it. (I realize this means it will not be read, but I'm ok with that.)

The reason for the blog is a means to an end (mean: blog; end: less anxiety about writing) and so goals seem to be in order. I WILL post something everyday that I'm at work (I'm a receptionist, so you don't have to worry about me slacking off at a nuclear disarmament facility or anything.)

OK, simple enough.


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