27 March 2006


So today I: stained my green cords with some red stuff (apparently something bled on them in the laundry), dropped my CD player and broke the latch (we are now back in the realm of duct taping the damn thing closed), and am going to have to have a conversation with one of my two sets of bosses about how I'm going to quit my job.

But I found this really funny website that has a timeline of stuff that has happened in movies. So that was good. Remind me not to be in London in 2020, as it apparently is attacked by dragons (Reign of Fire) and is controlled by a wacko fascist government brought to its knees by a crazy anarchist in a mask (V for Vendetta). But I guess it still beats the hell out of Los Angeles in 2019 with all the replicants and noodle shop owners running around (see: Blade Runner). And more interestingly: did you know that Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is set the year before Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark?

Welcome to Mondays.


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