27 March 2006

They Don't Love You Like I Love You

Tomorrow the new Yeah Yeah Yeah's album comes out. I'm not going to get it. Primarily because I'm broke. And I broke my CD player this morning.

But there are other reasons I'm not going to rush out to grab Show Your Bones. If Blink-182's Dammit was the song that described my feelings about getting my heart crushed in high school (and it did, basically, if you reverse the genders and remember that the guy who broke up with me hadn't had another girlfriend for at least five years after we split), then my end of college romantic cataclysm was a combination of YYY's Maps and Modern Romance. And while I don't know if going from angry and glib to bleak is any sort of emotional advancement (though it tracks pretty close my evolution from award winning purpose-driven high school student to aimless incompetent 20-something) I do know that it took Blink-182 six years before they produced another song (Lost Without You) that had the same emotional resonance for me. I expect it'll be a few years before my emotional devolution and the YYY's musical growth have another intersection. And I'm really broke.

Although I really do like the video for Gold Lion. It's some sort of hipster as hunter gatherer in a weird future/past desert with gold lame clad sorceress with witchcraft in her eyes. It's a real shame that MTV will be editing out the opening sequence after next week.

Tomorrow: F for Finally post about V for Vendetta and I sorta kinda fulfill Richard Brezsny's astrological assignment of making lists about things I love, by making a list about things Aaron Sorkin's obsessed with and I expect to see in his next show.


At 2:58 AM, Blogger liznwyrk said...

Wait a minute...aimless and incompetent...asolutely not....scratch that out!

At 11:07 AM, Blogger Mike said...

It was pretty legitimate at the time. I found graduating from college to be really traumatic at some level. I had really shitty part time receptionist job and couldn't get an interview for anything better, and wasn't writing and had a series of bizarre breakups. But that was three years ago, and I'm better now!


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